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Lower Pitchroy


Lower Pitchroy is the upper of the 3 Knockando Beats and a place that holds some of my fondest memories of salmon fishing on the River Spey. 

Having Ghillied there for 21 years, I know the beat really well and although a little bias. This really is one of the most stunningly beautiful places on the river Spey.


As with the other two beats at Knockando, The 4-rod beat offers fishing from both banks and is the most secluded beat in the entire river. 


Acceess is easy, with a well-maintained road connecting each of the 6 named pools. 


The fishing hut is comfortable, warm, offers basic cooking facilities and a flushing W/C.


It has a full-time Ghillie - Andrew Hall, an excellent young lad with plenty experience of both rivers, salmon and sea trout fishing and working with people. 


All in all, this is a wonderful beat to visit and provides groups of friends or family the most wonderful private place to spend either 3 or 6 days fishing. 


During my time ghillying here I often said to my guests, If I could fish this beat I'd fish it in the last week of May and the first in June and those are exactly the weeks we now have. 
























28th May - 2nd June 2020  Full

4th - 11th June x 3 rods available 


Ian Gordon

Is one of the most respected people in the business of salmon fishing and his long list of repeat customers are testimony to this.  

His business is Arranging

Salmon Fishing Trips in -

  • Scotland Norway and Russia

  • Casting Instruction & Courses

  • Fishing Tackle Shop 

If you want the best advice on fishing for Salmon Fishing in Scotland, where and when to fish in Norway and Russia, or would like to learn or realise your full potential with a double handed rod.  

With 35 years in the business, Ian is a full time professional who has spent his whole life, working and dealing with people on the rivers both home and abroad.