Lower Pitchroy


Lower Pitchroy is the upper of the 3 Knockando Beats and a place that holds some of my fondest memories of salmon fishing on the River Spey. 

Having Ghillied there for 21 years, I know the beat really well and although a little bias. This really is one of the most stunningly beautiful places on the river Spey.


As with the other two beats at Knockando, The 4-rod beat offers fishing from both banks and is the most secluded beat in the entire river. 


Access is easy, with a well-maintained road connecting each of the 6 named pools. 


The fishing hut is comfortable, warm, offers basic cooking facilities and a flushing W/C.


It has a full-time Ghillie - Andrew Hall, an excellent young lad with plenty experience of both rivers, salmon and sea trout fishing and working with people. 


All in all, this is a wonderful beat to visit and provides groups of friends or family the most wonderful private place to spend either 3 or 6 days fishing. 


During my time ghillying here I often said to my guests, If I could fish this beat I'd fish it in the last week of May and the first in June and those are exactly the weeks we now have.




23rd - 25th April x 4 rods available 

May and June Rods Full


Contact me 


 +44 [0]7786120436

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