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Salmon Fishing trips 2020

Nedre Kasen - Is a beat of around 800 meters long consisting of 2 main pools, one of which is fished from both banks during the full week, the other fished from both banks during half of the fishing week. 

The system works really well and the positioning of the beat, within the river, makes for an excellent choice for fishing, particularly during the month of June when the river remains high and cold.

The reason for this is, given those conditions 150 Cubic Meters [m3] and below 7oC, fish tend to stay below the Gaulfoss, a natural temperature barrier around 10k further upstream. This means that the early salmon, many of which are the really big fish, tend to be caught in pools below the foss.   



Kasen is a 6-rod [Norwegian] beat but we will fish it only with 4. To be honest there is plenty of room for 5 but we tend to keep it to 4 as this makes for a much better chance for each client to catch a fish or two. We pay for six, but keep it to 4.



Why June ??


June on the Gaula is all about big fresh salmon. Being in the right part of the river is mega important. If it's your goal to catch one of those fish and are happy with -


  • Self-catering for half the week

  • Fishing hard with sinking lines in high water.

  • Taking a chance on my cooking!

  • Having a cast with a spinning rod [Nedre Kasen] in a couple of difficult/deep, but very fishy places.

  • The chance of being hauled downstream by a huge fish.

  • Having a little help with your casting and fishing techniques. 

Then this will be the trip for you!

The beat has a nice house around 150 meters from the beat, making the whole thing very easy and no need for an expensive hire car as we will pick you up and drop you at the airport. This said, in Norway, nothing is cheap and those looking to do self-catering should budget around £75 per day for food. 

The beat owner can arrange a hot meal to be served in the fishing hut by the river should the weather be favorable. Remember at this time in this part of Norway you have 24 hours daylight.

The house sleeps 6 people but has only one bathroom. However, it's very comfortable and warm. This trip would be ideal for a group of four friends who want to experience fishing the river at a time where, although not 100s, you have a serious chance of a really big fish. 

Fishing can be with both fly and spinning, so it will suit people who enjoy a crack with a spinner too.  

We have 4 places available on each of those trips. It would very much lend itself to a group of friends. 

The weeks will be hosted either by myself or one of my team. Like most Norwegian beats, there is no guide, however, my assistant Chris is very acquainted with the beat and will be more than helpful. 

Please contact me HERE for pricing and further details.

Images of Accommodation 

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