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Thank You

For Your interest in our online tuition


Many thanks for taking the time to fill in the form regarding a free online casting lesson. 


If you could send me a clip taken on a smartphone via Whatsapp, or to my PC via email. Please note, those sent by email will have to be "full size". Some mail programmes will not allow you to send large files. 


Congratulations, you are one of the first 20 people to fill in the form and as such I invite you to be part of my team on Hudl Technique, my private online platform for teaching fly casting. As a team member, you will get online tips from various clips I upload on the platform. 


You can send 2 clips taken from different angles. One from the side, one from behind. The clip should show clearly the whole of the rod and also the position of the line before and during the cast. Also, a close up of the arms from the side is very helpful. Examples of clips can be seen here on my youtube channel -


Clips should be no longer than 10 seconds.  


In return for the free consultation, but only with your permission, I may use your clip in Marketing and Teaching material.

Please don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions at all. 


Best Regards



Send your clip to my Whatsapp number - +44[0]7786120436

or Email to


Ian Gordon

Is one of the most respected people in the business of salmon fishing and his long list of repeat customers are testimony to this.  

His business is Arranging

Salmon Fishing Trips in -

  • Scotland Norway and Russia

  • Casting Instruction & Courses

  • Fishing Tackle Shop 

If you want the best advice on fishing for Salmon Fishing in Scotland, where and when to fish in Norway and Russia, or would like to learn or realise your full potential with a double handed rod.  

With 35 years in the business, Ian is a full time professional who has spent his whole life, working and dealing with people on the rivers both home and abroad.