Have been used in the Pacific North West for Steelhead for some years and are now becoming popular with Atlantic Salmon anglers. The hook, mostly a single, is mounted on a nylon attached to the shank and sits well behind the dressing which stops the dressing from becoming caught up in the hook when casting. Another must for fishing high water when the fish are a little coloured and difficult to tempt. Although a little more tricky to cast, the disk provides the fly with good movement with pros outweighing the cons big time. We also have the fly tied without the cone which in slightly less coloured water is perfect. The addition of modern materials to all our range really make this fly standout in both the crowd and water!!

Sizes – Turbo Disk 100 mm and 75 mm. intruder Flies are a great add on to the Salmon fishers armoury.

Red Munro Intruder

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  • Red Munro Intruder Fly

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