Three-day course with Tom Brown on the River Tay focusing on the basics required for fishing. This will take place on the Newtyle beat on the middle part of the river Tay.

The course wil be run by my assistant, Tom Brown. Tom is a great instructor and has worked along side me with clients for many years now. He is extremely popular with guests and an extremely patient guy. 

No matter how experienced, this course is designed to focus on casting and fishing, utilising Toms wide knowledge of both and covering tactics which will make you a better Salmon and Sea Trout Angler as well as a proficient caster. 

Those 3 day Courses will take place in February and  March. Places are limited to 4 people. Prices for the Course are £600 

Although aimed at novices, the course provides the perfect platform for those who fish once or twice annually and are looking for a tune-up at the beginning of their fishing season also the chance to fish in one of Scotlands most beautiful rivers at the same time.

Beginners will learn - the principles of casting with a double-handed rod with a floating line.

•Overhead Cast.

Roll Cast.

Jump Roll or Switch Cast.

Basic Watercraft Salmon Fishing Etiquette

Basic Knots

Picking the correct fly

Correct Tackle Choice

Playing/Landing Salmon

Those early courses focus on casting, development of a good basic technique, so building a foundation you can carry forward, thus enjoying all your salmon fishing in the future. Although this particular course incorporates group sessions and demonstrations from Tom, those are 15 - 20 minutes long and take place twice per day [first thing and after lunch]. The remainder of the time you're casting tuition is delivered to you out on a one to one basis. So no matter what your level, beginner or, more seasoned caster looking for a pre-season tune-up, the course will focus very much on your personal requirements. Three-day course availability. Should you require a more intensive course then have a look at our "Improvers Course" its slightly more expensive but is limited to 6 people so more time with the instructor:

Tay Introductory Casting Course

Introductory Casting Course
  • Introductory Spey Casting Courses

    Introductory Spey Casting Courses – Three day course with Tom on the River Tay focusing on the basics required for fishing. The course serves as both an introduction to double handed spey casting for anyone new to the sport however is also extremely useful to anyone wishing to relearn the fundamentals of modern double handed spey casting. The Introductory Spey Casting Courses are fully comprehensive where you can learn at your own pace and focus on the areas that can improve your current spey casting technique. Have a look at the reviews of the course where everyone has benefitting immensely from Ian’s knowledge and experience on the art of using the double handed salmon rod for spey casting instruction.

    Introductory Spey Casting Courses: Tuition will take place on a middle beat of the Tay in February and March. Places are limited to 4 people. Prices for the Course are £600.
    The River Tay is one of the largest salmon rivers in Scotland. I'm delighted to have Tom doing those three day Spey Casting Courses and the Tay is easy to travel distance from the central part of Scotland. 


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