Salmon Fishing trips 2020

Salmon fishing in Norway
Lower Pitchroy River Spey
Blanda River Iceland


I have long personal associations with some of the most reliable Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout fisheries throughout Norway and Iceland. My long list of repeat customers is a testimony to me finding only the best fishing solutions for my customers and their personal requirements.


We are currently working on the plan for 2020 and have some really exciting venues to offer our customers during 2020. Please see list below for confirmed dates and number of rods for 2020




River Spey - 2020

                                                                       Arndilly - Hosted Fishing on one of the finest beats and                                                                                 most sought after beats on the River Spey

                                                                       x 7 Rods - 24th - 26th Feb x 2 rods - 27th - 29th Feb x 4 rods

                                                                       x 7 Rods - 28th - 30th Sept [Mon - Wed] Full



                                                                        Tulchan x 5 Rods - Various Dates 






                                                                        Lower Pitchroy - 23rd - 25th April x 4 rods Full











                                                                        Brae Water Beats 1 and 2 x 6 Rods - 18th - 20th May Full

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River Gaula

Fishmaster x 4 Rods 13th - 20th June

Norwegian Flyfishers Club x 2 Rods 26th July - 2nd August Full

River Orkla


Aunan x 6 Rods 5th - 12th July 


River Blanda x 8 rods - 8th - 15th July - A prime weeks fishing hosted by Myself and Tom 2 rods remaining for 4 days fishing - 11th - 15th  July. Full


River Big Laxa x 6 Rods - Dates 5th - 8th August or 9th - 13th August 


More Salmon Fishing Information


Those are the dates confirmed, we work with many Estates and outfitters to offer our customers access to the best places that fit your personal criteria. 

Please contact me Here for more information about any of the fishing above or if you have any particular weeks you are looking for. 


Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you in 2020.  

Bent Rod at Arndilly
Tulchan River Spey Speyonline Salmon Course

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 +44 [0]7786120436

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