Salmon Fishing In Scotland

What makes Scotland Unique?

Japanese Angler, Yukio Tsubono, with a hold of a Tulchan Salmon
Japanese Angler, Yukio Tsubono, with a hold of a Tulchan Salmon

Scotland offers some of the best and most varied salmon fishing in the world. Form small West Coast "Spate rivers to the Classic and famous rivers in the East. Rivers such as the Spey, Dee, Tay, and Tweed, not only have a great history of salmon fishing, but those are the river where modern salmon fishing began. 

Having traveled all over the world in search of Salmon, I can put my hand on my heart and say, when it comes to fishing for and catching salmon, there's nowhere quite like Scotland. I say this not only as a passionate Scot, someone who has worked in salmon fishing all his life, but as someone with a genuine interest in providing all my clients with the best and most honest information I possibly can.

I'm not going to say for one minute there are not places in the world that offer a better chance of catching "more" salmon. What I am saying is, here in Scotland, we have the best fishing -


  • Infrastructure, roads, and transport from wherever you are in the world, right to the fishing beat. Without fuss or driving long distance.

  • Ghillies - Full-time people looking after a specific beat or area of the river.

  • Accommodation - A perfect network of Hotels, B&Bs and Self Catering Options 

  • Packages - Fishing can be found across every price range. From £20 to £1000 per day. 

  • Information Highway - There is more information on Scottish RIvers than any other country I know.

  • A long and interesting Culture, and History based around the sport of Salmon Fishing

  •  Lots of interesting things for both fishers and non-fishers to explore during their stay.

All of the above make Scotland unique and special, somewhere every discerning salmon fisherman should look to visit during their Salmon Fishing Lifetime. 


However, like every other country, every river, there are times the fishing is better than others. At Speyonline we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best information possible regarding when and where to fish ensuring, as much as possible, your expectations are met. Our long list of repeat customers are a testimony to this. 

We offer fishing on many beats throughout Scotland, working in conjunction with our many partners throughout the country to provide the best deals possible.


Click on any link below for our 2020 fishing dates.


Arndilly x 7 Rods - 28th - 30th Sept [Mon - Wed] 

Macallan x 4 Rods - 1st Class prime time Hosted salmon fishing. Contact me HERE for details 

Tulchan x 5 Rods - 

Lower Pitchroy - 23rd - 25th April x 4 rods

Lower Pitchroy - 1st - 6th June x 4 Rods - Full

Arndilly River Spey Speyonline Fishing

Behind only Delfur, Arndilly is the most exclusive fishing on the entire River Spey. This is one of the beats where we can still say, it's dead men's shoes to fish here. 


The beat is just over one and a half miles in the most sought after part of the river on the upper part of the golden 5 miles. Click Here for fishing and more details. 

Ian Gordon Salmon Fishing  Knockando River Spey

Lower Pitchroy is the upper of the 3 Knockando Beats and a place that holds some of my fondest memories of salmon fishing on the River Spey. 

Having Ghillied there for 21 years, I know the beat really well and although a little bias. This really is one of the most stunningly beautiful places on the river Spey. Click Here for fishing and more details. 

River Spey Scotland Speyonline

Phones is the middle of the 3 very pretty and private beats on Knockando Estate on the River Spey. 

A 3-rod beat, this is a very good [The best ] of the spring fishing, not only on Knockando but in this whole area. 

As with the other two beats at Knockando, This 3-rod beat offers fishing from both banks and is one of the most secluded beats on the entire river. Click Here for fishing and more details.

Salmon Fishing River Spey Ian Gordon

Tulchan has a reputation for being one of the top beats on the Spey. Beautifully kept, it has four x six rod beats. All are double bank fishing and have an array of stunning pools. 

Each beat has a fulltime ghillie whos time is shared between the 6 anglers. Fishing is with fly only and is easy wading. The beats have the best-appointed fishing huts and perfect roads, so no need for a 4x4 when fishing here.