Ian's Special Salmon Flies

Salmon flies most of which are tied to Ian’s original designs.


Salmon Flies can be varied and come in many different patterns. The Salmon Flies for sale you will find on this site are the product of more than 40 years in fishing, ghillying and guiding for salmon, mainly in Scotland, but also in Norway. Ian tied his first Salmon Fly at the age of nine and since then has used his own unique patterns to great effect in spring, summer and autumn. A general theme to Ian’s salmon flies, is “generally”, they have red heads and copper bodies. Ian is a big believer in – If something works then stay with it! As a rule of thumb, Spring and autumn patterns are generally more heavily dressed, with summer flies much more spare, something preferred by most Scottish Ghillies and fishermen.

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Which Salmon Fly

Swallow is a spring favourite and Rosey a great Autumn pattern, whilst Salmon flies such as Slum Dog are a simple, but very effective summer pattern

Spring Salmon Flies

Are characterised by being larger and generally more heavily dressed. Those are tied on tubes made from tungsten, brass, copper, aluminium and plastic. They are also very effective tied as Intruder Flies which are easy to cast and provide good depth control on fast sinking lines.

Summer Salmon Flies

Generally are lightly dressed producing good movement when fished through riffles or when being stripped/retrieved by the angler. Almost all Summer Salmon Flies are tied on Partridge Patriot Hooks and are available sized between 6 and 12.

Autumn Salmon Flies

Those are tied on tubes or larger hooks and generally not as large as Spring Flies. Colours also differ slightly with red and orange being common when salmon fishing in Scotland during autumn.

Follow links to the shop for a full range of Ian’s unique patterns and also some old favourites.

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